Lacto-Spark handheld Lactate meter

Lacto Spark

Lacto Spark Laktaat meter systeem

Lacto Spark

 ... is the first, next generation, highly advanced ultra low volume lactate monitoring system available at affordable price. This Lacto  Spark uses highly advanced biosensor technologie and requires 0.5 microliters sample volume and presents results in 5  sec.


  • Lactate ranges          : 0.2 - 25 mmol/L
  • Analysis time             : 5 sec
  • Sample volume          : 0.5 microliters
  • Sample                      : Whole blood
  • Sample mode             : Capillary
  • Fill detection             : Automatic
  • Display                      : 48 mm (diagonally)
  • Battery                      : CR2032, lasts for 1000 test
  • Shelf life of strips      : 15 months (from manuf. date)
  • Strips packing            : 25 and 50 No's
  • Memory                     :  500 Readings

Laser Pattering zorgt voor uitstekende precisie.

Soft Inserting Test Strip De teststrip voegt gemakkelijk en soepel in.

De Lacto Spark gebruikt een carbon elektrode met laserpatronen om nauwkeurige resultaten te garanderen. De Lacto Spark-strips zijn vervaardigd met strakke toleranties en vereisen geen codering. Laser Pattering zorgt voor uitstekende precisie.

Laser Pattering Laser Pattering Ensures excellent precision.

Soft Inserting Test Strip Inserts the test strip easily and smoothly.

Lacto Spark uses carbon electrode with laser patterning to ensure precise results. Lacto Spark strips are manufactured with tight tolerances and do not require any coding.

Sensa Core's biosensor technologie solves a number immediate technical problems related to lactate strip by significantly enabling sensitive and accurate performance of lactate strip in a cost effective way.

Lacto Spark Lactate Measuring System Features:

  • 0.5 µL Blood Sample Volume.
  • 5 Seconds Fast Test Time.
  • No Coding.
  • Large LCD Display.
  • Strip Ejection.


Strip Advantages:

Carbon electrodes (for accurate results)

Laserpatterning (for excellent precission)

Fast draw technology  (fast and easy)

Lacto Spark Carbon Elecrode 

Lacto Spark


Lacto Spark 250 teststrips


Lacto Spark 25 teststrips

Lacto Spark
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